Electroacoustic music meta-bibliography

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This bibliography of electroacoustic music (EAM) bibliographies is a spin-off from my master's thesis in library and information science (Johansson, 2007), and covers websites, books and journal articles that list items of interest to EAM composers and researchers. Corrections and additions are most welcome, especially in languages other than English.

At least to my knowledge, and excluding bibliographies and discographies, there are very few studies of EAM from a library and information science point of view. Besides my own M.A. thesis (Johansson, 2007), I know only of Eaglestone et al., 2003, Eaglestone et al., 2007, Hunter, 2006 and Berndt Morris, 2012. There are also relatively few dedicated EAM bibliographies and discographies, so this bibliography also includes online conference proceedings and some related subjects, such as music information retrieval.

The bibliography is divided into eight categories: General bibliographies, Bibliographies etc. on special subjects (including discographies and work lists), Bibliographies etc. for individual composers (including discographies and work lists), Conference proceedings (online only), (general) Discographies and work lists, Repertoire guides, Dictionaries etc. (including some essays on terminology) and Other (mainly software listings).

The listed bibliographies and their reviews are the main sources for the meta-bibliography. I have tried to include all works mentioned as bibliographies, discographies, dictionaries etc. In addition, I have used Cooper, 1975, Dubnjakovic, 2008, Duckles & Reed, 1997, Gray, 1989, and Gray & Gibson, 1977, Music & Dance Reference, WorldCat and other online catalogues, and Google Books.

In addition to dedicated bibliographies, I have listed bibliographies and discographies from some introductory texts on EAM, but only those mentioned in other bibliographies, including later editions (e.g. Manning, 1985, 1993 and 2004). Glossaries and dictionaries from these texts are not listed.

This bibliography does not distinguish between discographies and work lists, since many of the items under this heading are both, and any discography can, in practice, also be considered a work list, at least for fixed EAM ("tape music"). Although there are many work lists and discographies available at individual composer web sites, I have not included those, since most are available via The Living Composers Project. Link collections are also excluded.

Items are sorted by category and year (in descending order), and have the following structure:

Reviews have been provided when possible. I have had physical access to many of the listed items, but for some of the older ones I had to rely on metadata from library catalogues or other bibliographies. These non-verified items are marked with an asterisk (*).

The bibliography is also available sorted by category and year (in descending order).

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General bibliographies

Bibliographies etc. on special subjects

Bibliographies etc. for individual composers

Conference proceedings

Discographies and work lists

Repertoire guides

Dictionaries etc.


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